About Touch

The sensation of touch connects us both physically and emotionally, whether sexual or otherwise. TOUCH isn’t all about sex; it’s about erotic energy & experiences to do with arousal, freedom, expression, desire and acceptance.


Events are currently held only in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If you are interested in hosting events in your city and having them listed here, please contact us.

Why Touch

It’s more than sex; more than orgasm. It’s connection to and acceptance of
ourselves & others.

If the appeal of sex was just getting off, we could all do that on our own without involving anyone else. And yes, we do that. And yes, sometimes self love can be some of the most stimulating and appealing. However, judging by the number of dating and hookup websites and apps, sex is a pleasure best shared.


Touch connects us to each other in an intimate way that brings closeness. We gather to feel connection with each other.

Breaks boundaries

Between all of us there seems to be an invisible wall, especially in countries with reserved interpersonal social norms. The only people acceptable to touch are the ones closest to us.


Touch let's us know we are accepted. In some ways, it gives validation. Everyone has value and deserves to be treated with respect.


Touch can be pleasureable, without being erotic. We gather together to experience pleasure rather than just orgasms.


A hand on a shoulder, a hug, a cuddle all can bring comfort and emotional healing knowing we are accepted and supported.


While touch brings us much without arrousal, we are gathering to experience bliss, ecstasty and desire together in a safe and welcoming, shame-free environment.

The practice of Touch

We are about erotic experiences

Gay men hook up pretty easily. There are many guys ready and willing to meet for a quick jerk, a blow job, or a fast fuck. There are enough apps for that kind of thing already.

We are about the sexual, sensual experience. While the topics we discuss and the events that we hold are sexual, they aren’t always just the standard “get a group of naked gay men in a room and have sex”. We want to try and experience new things. We want to heighten our sexual energy and REALLY feel pleasure.

Part of heightening that energy is by gathering in groups of three or more to participate in erotic activities, primarily involving touch. A group heightens the erotic experience partly because you have more choices of partners to share the activity with. Some gay men also find it more exhilirating when they don’t know who the other men are.

It breaks boundaries to touch and be touched by strangers; to break through that invisible wall and connect physically and emotionally with another person.

Why In a group?

Because it’s hot

A group of gay men sharing in erotic experiences amplifies the sexual energy. In a group, you can watch or participate, and both can feed into that energy as well. The more guys, the more options and the more experiences you can have in the space of one evening. On a more practical note, it makes sure there are guys available, as we all have different schedules.

What we do


We gather in private homes or sex posititive businesses (bathhouses) in Toronto, Ontario to share in men-with-men sexual and sensual experiences. Not all involve penetrative sex. While events are sexual in nature, we also want to focus on the sensual experience of a sex positive environment for men attracted to other men.


If you are interested in online groups, sign up and check our forums

Right now, we’re setting up a forum for sharing stories, photos, videos about previous group experiences (or just or sexual experiences in general) to connect with each other that way. Until we can meet again in person, this will have to do.

Who attends

Our groups are gay, straight, bi, curious men ranging in age from 20-45+.  They range from fit, athletic muscle men to slim, young twinks. Some guys are middle-aged with a bit of belly. We have events and groups for almost all kinds of guys.

While some events are for specific age groups or builds or ‘types’ of men, some events are based on experience, comfort level, or interests. Some events are an open invitation for all our members.

Below are a few of our members who know that it pays to not be a lurker. They get far more action being upfront about who they are and what they want. 


43. Top, Daddy

Rod is a muscular top guy that loves having his muscles worshiped and fucking twinks after massaging them.


21. Bi, Top

Josh likes circle jerks, glory holes, and sucking off skater guys.


38, Bottom

James likes to suck young twinks and get fucked by guys his age or older, but not as a hard-and-fast rule. He likes massages, body contact and toys.


23, Twink, Bottom

AJ really likes oral sex. He loves a big, hard cock. He is into glory holes, massage, porn, circle jerks and has a soft spot for curious and straight guys. His shy personality seems to put him at ease, and he’s gotten more than one straight guy out of his shell.


29. Bottom

Tyler is first on the list for any massage events. He loves sensual touch and working a guy’s body all over. 


31. Bi, Bottom

Kyle likes to be fucked by bi or straight guys, but is open. He loves getting sucked off and giving hand jobs.


32, Vers.

Blake is into circle jerks, being sucked off, glory holes, and fucking athletic guys. He perfers fucking younger, slim guys and being fucked by older, muscular guys.


25, Top

Mike is into watching porn, circle jerks, mutual oral, massage and fucking both younger and older guys.

How it works

When we are meeting in person, this is how it goes down.

Sign up

Join us on the website here and check out all the member areas. You can participate by updating your profile and checking out the other guys, who we are, what we are about, and if joining a group is right for you.

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If you’re serious about joining us in person, you’ll need to upgrade to a full membership.


Apply to an event

Not all events are open to all members. Events are currated based on the interests of our members. These interests don’t always intersect.

There are different types of events, so if you aren’t approved for one, then try applying for something different.



You need to attend events that you apply to and are accepted to. Things happen, but if you are habitually a no-show, your full membership may be revoked.

Members online and in person must adhere to our code of conduct, privacy policy and terms & conditions, or membership may be revoked at any time, without notice.