Whether you get off on guys jerking off with each other or just love the feeling of being turned on by your own hands while other guys watch, circle jerks are a great way to blow off some steam.

But how do you find a local circle jerk? Our handy guide makes it easy to meet other dudes that enjoy different strokes with different folks.

What is a Circle Jerk?

A Circle Jerk is pretty much what it says on the tin – a group of guys, getting together, and jacking each other off.

It’s also a great example of how queer sex influences language. You often hear business or political meetings being described as a Circle Jerk – meetings where men sit around a table and agree with each other and make each other feel important.

But in this article, we’re talking about the real deal. A gay meet up. We’re talking about meeting up with some horned-up guys and having an extended bate session with your buddies.

What’s the Appeal of a Gay Circle Jerk?

Depending on what you’re into, a Circle Jerk can really push lots of different buttons.

For many of us, a Circle Jerk is the gateway sexual experience into guy-on-guy action.

Maybe it was with your buddies at school, when you’re on summer camp, or in the locker-room after training. Talking about being horny, getting your cock out to show your mates, and then all jacking off together is an awesome way to start to explore the world of pleasure that your body can unlock for you.

There’s also an exhibitionist element to the Circle Jerk. You’re not just jacking off in the privacy of your bedroom – you’re getting naked in front of other guys. You’re putting on a show.

It’s pretty awesome to try and time your orgasm with the guys that you’re jerking off with. It’s a total rush to hear a group of guys urging you on as you reach the point of no return and bust your nut, blasting your cum everywhere.

But that’s not all. A circle jerk might be your first experience of gay group sex – that might be something you want to explore further.

There’s also the “curious straight guy” aspect to a circle jerk. If seducing straight guys is a fantasy that you’re into, then a circle jerk definitely creates those opportunities.

Do You Suck Dick During a Circle Jerk?

There’s really not any rules to a Circle Jerk – they tend to just happen fairly organically, and you go with the flow.

Depending on where you live, you might have access to Circle Jerk parties. These might have specific formats that you need to follow – for example, they might have a rule that it’s all about jacking off and nothing else. But they’ll make that fairly clear before you get started.

Beyond organised Circle Jerk parties, it’s really a case of anything goes. What’s important is to read the room. You don’t want to make anyone feel comfortable, but if dick sucking seems like something that everyone would be into, then get to it.

Here at TOUCH, you will always know what is on or off the table for an event. Our wristbands will also let you know what the other guys will be into or not.