I’m 32 bi and I love playing with cocks. I’ve never been into anal but I love mutual wanks and sucking. I’ve just found BuddyBate and from what I’ve seen I fit right in here so I wanted to share my recent experience with a mate.

His cock was dripping and my hands were covered in it. I played with his balls and foreskin, I rubbed his glans with my thumbs and fingers. I properly gave his cock the best massage it’s ever had.

One of my friends, who’s also a neighbour, always came across as being on the fence about things but I never thought I would get to play with his cock until November when he just turned to me one night and asked if I would give him a hand job while he watched porn. It was completely out of the blue. We were just chilling out having a drink and thinking about ordering pizza! lol

He’s made suggestive comments before but never went through with anything. He’s one of those guys I considered a cock tease but now I’m wondering if he’s been reading this site and got into the bator scene. He was working all through the pandemic (essential worker) so it was really stressful for him. He knew I was responsible and staying at home (I work from home mostly anyway) so my flat was like a safe haven for him. He knew he could come over and hang out and have a few drinks on one of his very rare nights off.

I’ve always been open about my sexuality and what I’m into. My dad’s favourite saying is “If you don’t ask you don’t get” so I’m up front about stuff and if I want to suck a guy I’ll usually just offer. I’ve sucked mates before after catching them at the right time and just offering it.

I was up front with this friend too but he turned down a blow job. I dropped it after that. When a guy pauses or makes a joke you can probably ask again later and get a different answer but he was quick and surprised that I’d even offered it. I always thought he was hot but after he declined that first time I never thought he would actually let me play with his dick. He’s one of those guys who said he’s not into that but he’s totally sexy and likes the attention and makes comments. I got the feeling he was just a tease but wouldn’t go through with things he suggests when he’s drunk. Or that’s what I thought. I guess it was just a right place and right time thing.

He’s got a fucking amazing cock. It’s about 8 inches and thick. He’s a very fit guy. He just pulled his trackies down and his big cock flopped out onto his abs and I got to work. He was fat and wet from the start. From the look of his cock he worked himself up to it before he asked me but he tried to play it cool and chilled out. He was nervous about it. His dick was semi hard for a long time but I liked that. He’s got a really meaty cock and I liked playing with it to make him proper hard. His balls were pink and fat. He shaves so everything was smooth and fleshy.

I know from giving a few guys hand jobs and blowies that if I make it feel really good he’s more likely to come back for more. So I persuaded him into watching a really long porno (that I paid for, I don’t mind lol) and told him to relax. I got the lube from my bedroom and made his cock and balls slippery and got to work.

It was fucking amazing. After 15 minutes his cock was so hard and hot. I milked his dick slowly and got him so wet with precum that I didn’t really need the lube. His cock was dripping and my hands were covered in it. I played with his balls and foreskin, I rubbed his glans with my thumbs and fingers. I properly gave his cock the best massage it’s ever had.

He even commented that it felt better than any wank he ever had.

I don’t know how long it lasted but I stalled his cum shot at least five times. The last two times he reached in to take over and I stopped him. As soon as I felt his dick thicken and his taint swell up I would grab his root and just hold him and watch it twitch. A couple of times I grabbed his sack and pulled on his nuts and it seemed to do the trick and stop his climax.

On the last attempt a thick river of cum leaked out of his helmet and dribbled down his shaft but I managed to stop him in time.

I’ve never actually seen a guy’s eyes roll back with pleasure but I think he was almost at that point. lol

My dick was solid the whole time. I didn’t get it out at first because I didn’t want to spook him but when I couldn’t take it any more and slid my shorts down I sat on the sofa next to him and I could tell he was watching my dick. I’ve got a skinny 7″ cock with a bend in it. I get really hard and my balls look too big for my cock. I’ve been told it looks amazing and feels great and a few times I thought he might be ready to reach over and wank me but he didn’t.

I don’t mind that. I’m happy to wank a mate off and really give him a good time.

The edging session took so long that we finished the first porno and went on to another one. His cock was still dribbling and twitching in my hands. He told me he really needed to cum and I was desperate to jizz too so I finally let him.

I rubbed his cock a bit faster and focused more on his helmet, rubbing around his foreskin and brushing his dome with my thumb.

Then he grunted and cum started spewing out. I wouldn’t have had time to stop him again it just happened so quick. I didn’t even feel his cock get harder before he started splashing.

He was panting so much and his jizz was just exploding out of his cock and splashing right up to his neck and over his shoulder. His t-shirt was fucking drenched in cum. My dick started squirting as soon as his did and he watched both our cocks unloading it all. I didn’t squirt far because I know what guys like him are like about jizz, at least at first. I managed to control my load and just make a mess up myself but he seemed to like seeing it. It probably helped that I already wanked off in the afternoon before he came over.

After that we just kind of sat there for ten minutes laughing about the mess we made and I milked his cock to get all the cum out of it while his dick got floppy. I love that time after a good cum with a guy when their dick is fat and softening in my hands.

I know guys can feel awkward about it after the fact so I thought he would probably do a runner back home and not speak to me for a few weeks but we just chilled out after. We cleaned up, ordered pizza and just hung out for another couple of hours.

He went home about 1am.

You never know how it might go after sucking or wanking a straight mate off. Some of them just vanish like a ghost and you end up bumping into them at the pub and they shit themselves and hide. Other guys are one off and stick around but never mention it again. Then there are the best guys, the ones who come back for more.

Can you guess which kind he turned out to be?

Yep. Two weeks later he was back on my sofa and I was edging his fat dick again 🙂

He came back over on Boxing Day for another hand job. I bought him a stroker for Christmas and he asked me to use it on him.

I haven’t seen him this month but we’ve texted a few times and we’re supposed to be going to the pub at the weekend. I know from the three edging sessions I’ve given him that he’s getting more curious about wanking me. He stares at my cock and the last time I wanked him he watched my cum and started shooting his load without either of us rubbing him over the edge.

I don’t know if I’ll get to frot with him and maybe he won’t ever grab my dick, but I’m cool with just wanking him off and giving him those big finishes.

If you ever get the chance to give a guy his first buddy hand job make sure you do it good and he’ll probably come back again.