Being a top is a lot of responsibility. It takes someone with a certain demeanor and confidence to successfully pull off good sex. Afterall, you don’t want to just go in bucking like a wild horse. You’ve got to utilize your skills and abilities. Make him beg for more. If it’s your first-time having sex or you’re a bottom looking to try out your options; here’s some hints for successfully pleasing your partner.

    Take some time to research the male anatomy. Familiarize yourself with those special spots that will turn him to putty. There are specific erogenous zones on the male body that you will be wise to learn. Some obvious areas are his lips, neck, ears, and nipples. Foreplay is great for getting in the mood, so try working on these areas before you start any heavy play.

One spot that you may not be familiar with is the section between his butt and upper thigh. Stroking or toying with this area before you decide to penetrate him can be a big turn on. The sacrum is located at the base of his spinal cord and can be pleasurable when stroked. Lastly, his G-spot. When you insert yourself into him you’ll want to aim for his prostate as this will get him off exceptionally well.

    Monotony is boring. Plain and simple. Switch up between slow and fast to keep him guessing what you’ll do next. It’s a good idea to start slow as you don’t want to overwhelm or injure his anus. Take the first few moments to get used to things, then gradually create a build-up. This keeps it interesting as well as increases pleasure for both of you. As you begin to build up momentum and the heat increases, start thrusting faster…then slow down again. By doing this you can prolong your sex as well as intensify your orgasms. When you both can’t take it anymore, let loose.
    Speed is important, but so is depth. Not going deep enough can really take away from the situation. Likewise, only going deep will not allow him to be properly teased. This also makes it more fun for yourself. Try out your moves and find what works best. You can create short, quick thrusts that don’t go too deep. Or you can slow down the process and tease him with slow sensual thrusts. Throw in a deeper thrust to accommodate his sexual desires. When you feel you’re getting close try fast, deep thrusts to really heighten your release and his desire.
    Let him know all the positive things you like about him. If you think he’s sexy, don’t hold back. He’s in a very vulnerable situation, so his confidence may be lacking in that moment. By reassuring him about his sexual prowess you allow him to relax and find comfort being with you. Confidence is an important aspect of good sex. No one wants an awkward, uncomfortable situation. So, tease him with all your sexual fantasies or the way his arched back turns you on. Tell him how you love to hear his moan or the way he says your name.
    Alternatively, you can use romantic words to slip you into a more sensual move. Tell him how you love making love to him and can’t wait to begin. Whispering caring words, such as I love you or you make me so happy will let him know your appreciation.