Our third event in the Fuck instructional series, this event focused on tips, positions and techniques to being a better bottom.




@lorenzo and @ian discussed topics preparation for cleanliness and tips to prepare to lessen pain, including communicating wants and needs to partners. They went over some relaxation techniques and exercises for control of the sphincter muscles and positions that make entry easier.

The instructors demonstrated some positions and techniques, starting with foreplay exercises for both relaxing the muscles and increasing pleasure and desire. They discussed rimming and fingering techniques, and information on the prostate and ways to help tops find it.

They went over submission dynamics and how bottoms can take control and be dominant and still be taking on the traditional submissive role, if that’s what they are into.

While going over some initial positions, the instructors invited up members to demonstrate with the volunteers. @twinkjrker was particularly excited to be paired with @twinkinjock. They were practicing rimming and then finger-prostate stimulation before @twinkinjock started to slip his cock in. They had to stop twice as @twinkjrker almost orgasmed.

@ian took a liking to @shyguy, pulling him up for some demonstrations with himself. He went through a few rimming positions as well as finger-prostate stimulation. He demonstrated allowing the bottom control over how fast the insertion went and adjustment period with the bottom on top. After some mutual jerking and blowjobs, @ian had @shyguy move on top of him and had him take control over positioning @ian’s cock and slowly sitting down on it. @ian guided him through moving down slowly and pausing to get used to his girth. @ian has a lot to work with. Once @shyguy and moved down and paused, @ian guided and encouraged him to take it all in, slowly. Then they started with some slow fucking, @ian guiding @shyguy to control the motion up, down and around at a speed he was comfortable with. Once @shyguy starting going a little faster, @ian then worked with him on some rhythm coordination and movements between them. @ian then went over some tips for repositioning without pulling out.

Then it was time for group interaction. The bottoms were positioned and the top volunteers call on to work with them with positions and techniques, starting with rimming and going to insertion and fucking, while not cumming as they had to go through a few different positions.

With more bottoms than tops, the group was separated into smaller groups where a top would work with a couple of positions with one bottom while the rest watched and then taking turns with other postions between them.

Bottoms left watching were encouraged to pay attention to the positions and techniques, but also touch, kiss and encourage the top while he fucked another guy. They were also allowed to touch, kiss, jerk and suck other bottoms, but everyone was told to try not to cum until they were being fucked, with the goal being to try and have a hands-free orgasm.

The instructors roamed through and sometimes guided the bottoms and sometimes took their place to show better positioning or interaction with their top, so as not to just lie there and be completely passive. Tops were encouraged to give feedback on what it was they liked from a bottom and for communication to flow openly.