I wasn’t sure how these events would be received. Most guys seem to want to just get right down to sex and have probably learned most of what they know and do from imitating porn. It has always been a fantasy of mine for ‘adult’ sex education ever since my overly Christian mom and her friends started campaigning against sex ed in high school. For some reason they had got it into their heads that the curiculum included videos of explicit sex and even in-class demonstrations.

That really got my teenage blood boiling – the idea of watching someone have sex to show how it’s done and IN THE CLASSROOM! I would have died. I almost died in the small amounts of sex ed we did end up getting. We did watch a video series, but they stopped it just as the host was going to move to the topic of masturbation. I’m sure I was a deep purple of blushes.

I never really got any good instruction in how to have gay sex. I knew about condoms but not how to use them. I knew about oral sex and anal sex, but not what to do. I tried finding books in the library when I was a teen, and again when I went to university. I didn’t find they helped much as everything was for straight couples. Like most gay men, I learned from watching porn, but I always thought I was missing out on the experience of learning.

Having a learning series events in with other sex events made sense to me but would it make sense to others? Even if they didn’t want to do a whole lot of ‘learning’ it could still be hot, right?

It turns out other guys were into the idea, but they aren’t the main events that others are. BUT I think guys are into getting better and why not learn from professionals?

Now I’m not going as far (yet) as people like Himeros TV where sex and tanric experts are brought it. If we want to do that, I’m all for it. But for these purposes, I figures guys who are paid for sex, and have had a lot of it, would have some tips and tricks for the rest of us.

Fuck 1: Sex Positions

not actual event images


We had a couple of professionals along with some volunteer members for the first event about sex positions.

@ian started off the group discussion by seeing how many positions the guys could name. He lead a conversation about what positions they liked most and which ones they didn’t and why. He discussed with the group how some positions could work better for comfort with a focus on each other’s pleasure and communication.

@matt_performer lead a discussion on sex preparation for both tops (mostly bottoms) and what kinds of positions work best for inexperienced couples and generally how to minimise any pain in the experience.

@bolton lead a discussion about condoms, lube, prep, and other general sex topics.

@bolton and @matt_performer talked about starting sex and getting over that awkwardness at the start for people who are just hooking up. They talked about arousal and the importance of foreplay to get used to each other’s bodies and break through the awkward barier. They started demonstrations on kissing and touching and discussed ways of getting things started. They started making out and undressing each other while @ian ‘narrated’ about different techniques and zones of pleasure just for touching and kissing. They were down to their underwear when @ian talked about how underwear or other types of gear can spice up and entice the sexual experience.

@bolton and @matt_performer were making out – @matt_performer was down to a jockstrap and @bolton had some formed lyrca/spandex briefs. They were jerking each other through their underwear. @matt_performer started sucking @bolton through his underwear and @ian discussed how to prolong arousal and the benefits of delayed gratification.

@bolton ‘s underwear came off and with @ian prompting, they went through several positions for oral sex, briefly going over some oral sex techniques and what positions offered better angles for deepthroating and other activities.

@ian slipped down his shorts and underwear and his big, hard cock popped out immediately. He called over @tommykyra and they demonstrated some positions for jerking each other off while @bolton and @matt_performer switched as well to jerking positions, and positions that work for alternating between sucking and jerking.

At this point, the members were invited to take their clothes off, if they hadn’t already.

@ian paired with @matt_performer while @bolton talked through positions. Bolton would explain a position and then the other pair would move into that position. They started with rimming. The other volunteers paired off and demonstrated rimming positions while @bolton talked about proper preparation for anal entry. The demonstrators moved to fingering and opening the holes of their bottoms.

When it came time for entry, @bolton had the guys stand and form around the groupings to watch the cocks slowly push into an ass. As they pushed cocks in, @bolton went over going slowly and letting the bottom adjust to your size before really getting started. The tops slid in their cocks inch by inch while the group watched.

Once fully in, they started with some slow pumping. @bolton talked about speed and rhythm and different topping moves briefly, but this was about positions. @chris and @liam were asked to come up and put a condom on while the other tops pulled out. He tested them on sliding their dicks in slowly into their bottoms and then starting a slow rhythm. @chris started pumping faster and @ian put a hand on his abdomen and pulled him back until his cock popped out. It wasn’t time to speed up yet!

@bolton demonstrated the next position briefly with @ian. Then he had @ian, @matt_performer, @then105 and @tommykyra select a member from the group to test out the position. The pairs would go at it for a minute and then the position would be shuffled.

After several positions, the instructors demonstrated several threesome positions and went over how to go with the flow so as not to feel left out. They moved into a larger group to demonstrate how things could work, but when a group gets to large, it’s normal for them to break off into pairs or triplets. The secret to group is being open to everyone and getting rid of expectations. Touch, kiss, suck, jerk and fuck as the flow goes but don’t have a target activity or purpose.

After that, the group was paired off and were run through some positions from inital making out, to insertion to slow fucking.

The instructors went around and sometimes would move a hand or adjust legs and move pillows. Sometimes, the instructor would have the member step back and show them by either topping the bottom or laying down to bottom for the member. Most of the bottoms were hesitant about @ian’s huge cock, but he went through how by going slowly, you can get the guy to open up, with patience. @bicurious was really hesitant but @ian went really slowly with his entry and checked in with him with every inch pushed in. @ian rocked slowly while half in until @bicurious started relaxing. @ian closed his eyes as he started slowly pushing all the way in and the sliding almost all the way out. He’d push half way in stop for a moment and then push in deep.

Some guys gathered around to watch as this was very instructional. A lot of guys asked about how to top with a big dick and how to take one. This part in itself was good education. As @bicurious relaxed, @ian skipped the small rest at 1/2 way and was slowly sliding all the way in and then stopping and then pulling almost all the way out. He started getting a little bit faster with his thrusts and started to jerk off @bicurious. He then said, ‘tell me when you want it faster’.

@bicurious had his eyes closed and his face contorted at each thrust in him. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out for a bit. Then he knodded, as if he couldn’t get words out. @ian grabbed his waist and pulled him in, pushing his cock in deep and then started thrusting faster. @nathan was rubbing @ian’ chest and back while he thrusted. @mike and @curiousgeorge went down and were caraessing @bicurious’ face and chest and jerking him as @ian started sliding in faster and faster.

@bicurious was moaning loudly and uncontrollably as @ian thrusted harder and deeper into him. He rolled his head against the hands caraessing him and reached to jerk off cocks around him. @curiousgeorge tapped the tip of his hard cock over @bicurious mouth. He didn’t take it in but licked it and sucked the tip just a bit.

@ian slid his cock out and let @bicurious put his legs down. He told him to get on all fours and then got up and brough @bicurious around the other side. He slipped a condom over his cock and lubed it up. “I’ve opened him up, so he should be good to go.” He guided @curiousgeorge to @bicurious’ asshole and guided his cock to the opening. He pushed it open with the tip of the guy’s cock and then slowly pushed on his ass to slide the cock in. @bicurious gasped as it went in, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult to take as @ian’s monster cock. @ian guided @curiousgeorge through slowly pumping, grabbing @bicurious by the waist and pulling him in deep. @ian massaged @curiousgeorge, ass and chess and kissed him while pushing his body into fucking.

@bolton had @liam sitting in his lap on the floor facing each other. He was guiding @liam with hands under his ass and thighs bouncing him up and down on his cock. @bolton was thrusting in deep each time he landed. Every time he came close to cuming he would pull out and find another bottom and demonstrate another position with them. He encouraged them all to try different positions with a different partner and to try not to cum right away.

@matt_performer had his legs around @marfx’s waist and his back against a wall while fucking standing.

@tommykyra leaned over a massage table and had a few guys around him taking turns plowing him. One guy would slide in his cock and the rest were touching both him and @tommykyra all over while fucking. @nathan laid on his back next to tommy and the line split between them.

@bolton would yell ‘switch’ and everyone would switch positions and sometimes partners. The group went throughout the night until it was time to wrap up.

@bolton called everyone to gather in a circle and everyone was jerking off either themselves or the next guy. The guys that came first went around to the other guys, jerking them off, touching them, kissing them and util everyone had cum.