Many men learn how to masturbate on their own, mostly from trial. It’s never talked about and rarely taught and a cloud of shame hangs over the whole topic for most people, even though we know most everyone does it. There are several techniques and practices to explore, but often we miss passing on the basics because it is assumed every guy knows how to wank it.

Well, just in case, for you new guys out there, I found a basic instructional/information video on how to masturbate.

I learned about masturbation first from humping my pillow, as I’m sure many guys did. I didn’t actually figure out jerking until I was in a novelty store in my eary teens and saw some flavoured condoms. I’m sure I was beet red when I bought them and snuck them home.

I went to my room and I was hard immediately, even though I didn’t know how to use them or what I was going to do with them. I knew it should go on my cock. I started by putting it on my hard cock and then I wasn’t sure. I thought about the basics of sex and my desire to hump, so I decided to use my hand for the first time. That was probably the most surprising orgasm of my life, mostly because up to that point I had only had wet dreams, and found that they kinda hurt as my body was trying not to pee at night. I wasn’t expecting that feeling.

I leveled up after that to using conditioner or hand lotion. I didn’t discover lube until I was in university and they were giving out lube everywhere.

I would have loved in those early years to find a video showing me how and explaining masturbation to me, but even more so in university to have a group demonstrate it to (or on) me!