I don’t know if this has been asked on the blog before but after jacking it with a couple of my buddies for a few years I’ve started getting more into oral and I want to suck both their dicks. I’m not sure if I should even mention it to them.

We’ve been bate buddies since 2019. I met the first guy online and started jacking it with him. Then a few months later I saw one of my buddies at work and when we talked about it we went and had a session that night. After a few weeks of jacking it with both of them one-on-one I got us all together and we’ve been enjoying group jerks ever since.

They’re both straight. One is married and the other has a girlfriend.

We’re all real good buddies now and I love beating it with them. We have great sessions that can last a couple hours before we shoot off. Before Covid we were meeting up for sessions once a week. We’re slowly getting back into that routine again.

I’ve become more bicurious since then. My curiosity first started when I got sucked by a bate buddy in college. I started wondering what it would be like so I decided to give it a try when the opportunity came up. I’ve sucked a few cocks since then and I love it but they’ve been hook ups or cruising and I never mixed my bating with that but now I’ve got to the point where I really want to suck my bate buddies.

They both have great cocks and when we’re jacking off I always think about just asking if I can blow them but I back out of it.

We already have a great time frotting and giving each other hand jobs but I want to try blowing them both and getting a good facial from them. We can all cum a lot after a good edging session and it would be so hot taking their huge loads over me.

Should I even ask? Are bators really into getting head from a buddy or should I just keep it all separate and just enjoy the strokes with them? I want to suck their dicks but not if it’s gonna risk our existing bator friendship.

Hi Bobby,

We have discussed this on the blog before and I’m afraid there is no easy answer. Different guys are into different things and you’re really not going to know whether this is an option for those guys unless you ask them.

The bator community is made up of straight, bisexual, bicurious, gay, open-minded, pansexual guys and everything in-between. We’ve always avoided the labels as much as possible because guys in the community have a more diverse understanding of male sexuality than might commonly be considered. Yes, it’s entirely possible that your straight friends would be cool with being blown, but it’s equally possible they would have little interest in it and prefer to stick to jacking.

While I would always say honesty is the best policy and if you want to explore this with them you should just ask, perhaps it might help you if you asked them individually? I assume there are times when it might just be you and one of them, if the other can’t make it for some reason, so perhaps you could use that as an opportunity to inquire?

This might be the best option, because they both might feel obliged to decline such a suggestion if there are perceived expectations between them. By asking them individually you’re removing an element of peer pressure or social expectation.

You might be surprised by the response you get, but you’re obviously not going to know until you ask.

Even if they’re not interested in that kind of encounter I think it’s unlikely to affect your existing friendship. I obviously don’t know these guys but if they’re part of this community and enjoy masturbation with you as you describe I think you should give them more credit and understand that they’re more easygoing and open-minded than most.

I hope this helps, and that you’ll let us know if anything happens as a result. Best of luck to you!