I started jacking off with a good buddy back in 2017. He’s 36 and married but his wife isn’t interested in his dick and she lets him do what he wants. I’m 25 and I have a GF. We usually meet up at his place every couple weeks to have a few beers and watch some porn, jacking it. We don’t jack each other but we have a good time. Sometimes it’s a half hour jacking session and other times we can be going at it for a couple hours.

He was talking about getting some other dudes together and starting a men’s club. Not a circle jerk really but just a bunch of guys who can all chill out with their dicks in their hands and some good porn.

I didn’t think he was so serious about it and I wasn’t sure there were any other guys in our area down for it.

In November he told me one of his buddies at work said he was down to bate. I think they met up a couple times and jacked it before we all got together for our first 3way bate.

A week after that the new guy (43 and married) said he had a neighbor he jacked with a few times and he was gonna see if he wanted to come and jack it with us.

The next week we met the new guy (21 single and bisexual) and we had our first proper 4 man jack session. Lasted 3 hours.

It was fucking awesome. I wasn’t sure about jacking it with a few other guys before but it was real chilled out. We had a great time watching porn, talking pussy and working our dicks in our hands. It was like we became real good buddies in the first hour.

When we decided to call it a night my buddy got a towel and put it on a stool and we all got around it and started finishing up. We all just shot off our mess together all over it.

Me and my bud usually finish together and I didn’t know how it would go with another couple guys there but when my bud started dumping his load out everyone joined in and the newest guy shot a fucking huge mess from his dick.

Not sure if we’re gonna look for more guys to join. We don’t have a lot of room for many more guys. We could probably get another 2 but then we’d have to start looking for somewhere else.

Now that we’ve all swapped numbers we can meet up whenever anyone has the time. I’ve jacked it with both the new guys one-on-one and the newest guy is into mutual bating. I’m not sure about that yet but we’ve done some “jousting”. We just bumped dicks together and rubbed around. That was fun so maybe I’ll try jacking him and let him play with my dick and see what it’s like. I think the other guy would probably be cool with that too and he’s got a big dick and I admit I have thought about what it would feel like to jack him.

Not sure what else to say. I don’t think we’re gonna be starting some big bate party any time soon but It’s great finding other local guys who like a good relaxing bate.