“Many men are curious to attend their local jackoff clubs but can’t get past the nerves. So I thought I’d share some tips…”

Just before the pandemic, I was having an excellent Sunday morning—naked in my favorite bate spot, masturbating while messaging with some Bate pals. What could be better? 

As I kept on with the up and down, a BW bud asked me if I’d ever been to New York Jacks, a well-known jack-off club that meets twice a week. I replied that I’d always wanted to go, but I was too nervous. Before I could say “masturbate” three times fast, we’d agreed to meet outside the venue in a few hours so we could go in together. 

Many men are curious to attend their local jackoff clubs but can’t get past the nerves. So I thought I’d share some tips in hopes that I can encourage you to take the plunge and get boner-y with your neighborhood bators.


While it’s cool to be fashionably late to most parties, be on time to this one. 

For this Sunday afternoon party, the majority of the guys showed up early and waited in line to get inside. Now imagine being in line with about 30 other dudes, all clothed but whom you are about to see completely naked and masturbating. Need I say I found this line ridiculously hot? From a practical standpoint too, the action starts immediately and you don’t want to show up late to find that you’ve missed half the penises that were there getting stroked just a short time ago.


Once inside, I was greeted by two friendly jockstrap-clad men who collected my entry fee. Once I paid up, I took off all of my clothes and handed them over to the well-organized clothes check. You’ll keep your shoes on, so choose a pair that you don’t mind getting covered in cum. I chose to wear some old sneakers and a backwards baseball cap. I think it was the first time I’d ever worn just those two items and nothing else, and I felt sexy as fuck!


There were Albolene tubs and rolls of paper towels aplenty. There was a restroom, and a cleanup station with some warm towels—a nice touch! There were comfy chairs in case you wanted to sit back and have all the standing masturbator penises be at face level. But remember, this is a bate party, and there are rules. No penis penetration of any kind. Kissing and touching is allowed, and I was lucky enough to connect strongly with another bator so we could make out a bit while stroking, but mostly this is a jackoff party. So jack off!


The most common concerns: What kinds of guys will be there? And what will happen if I run into someone I know? 

At the time of this event, I’d gotten a little thick in the middle and I was self-conscious about it. But one huge thing I’ve learned from my Bate friends is that the bate community is vast and it’s also incredibly body positive. This party was no exception.

There were about 50 guys in total. Guys were all ages, all colors, all dick sizes. There were twinks, there were daddies, there were chubs, there were gym Adonises. And we were all masturbating our penises together and it was thrilling. Guys moved around the room in small groups and bigger groups, but it never fell down lines of age/weight/race/dick size. 

I did not run into anyone I know, but if this is your worry: Ask yourself what would happen if you did? The person you are seeing is at the same party. So rather than see it as something you both would feel embarrassed about, isn’t it something you would now share? The crowd is big enough that you can avoid getting too intimate regardless, so I say cross this off your worry list and enjoy yourself.


Now that we bators are vaccinated and things are opening back up, I can’t wait to get back to my first post-pandemic bate party. If you’re still nervous, I’ll happily meet you outside so we can go in together.