If you’re a seasoned bator, then you probably know everything there is to know about the P-spot.

Truth be told, when it comes to masturbating, getting excited, and awesome bodily sensations, nothing can come even close to some good old-fashioned P-play. It’s healthy, highly enjoyable, invigorating, and simply out of this world.

On the other hand, it’s also something that not all dedicated bators know everything about, let alone practice. It can be a bit uncomfortable at first, that’s true, however, with the right amount of determination and practice, it can be every man’s to-go option when they want to have some quality me-time.

So, for all you newcomers out there, who don’t really know what we are talking about, keep on reading, because this one’s for you.

What Is the P-spot?

To put it bluntly, this spot is the “male G-spot” or the male equivalent of the female G-spot. It’s a part of every man’s anatomy nested inside the anus. Somewhere 1 to 2 inches deep, near the prostate. It’s not that large, about the size of a walnut and most often men have the feeling that it somewhat has the form of a flattened plum. To be more precise, this spot is basically where the male body stores semen.

Stimulating this area will give you an orgasm with a tremendous emotional and physical release which is rarely experienced when masturbating traditionally.

Apart from the improved sensation, there’s also one other huge benefit: as it helps to detoxify semen and cleanse the prostate, it can help keep you healthy and might even help prevent prostate cancer in later stages of your life.

Man Putting On His Pants

A Bit More About “Spots”

Before we move on, let us digress and talk a bit more about these “spots.” The G-spot is usually made up of spongy erectile tissue, called corpus spongiosum in Latin. In women, the G-spot lies along the upper wall of the vagina and surrounds the urethra. When massaging it or applying any kind of pressure to it, during arousal, it can lead to distinct sensations that involve the entire body and huge orgasms. There are several nerve pathways in this area and when both pudendal and parasympathetic are being stimulated (meaning clitoral and internal pelvic stimulation), in the simplest terms, you get a mind-blowing orgasm that will make ladies shake with their whole body.

The female G-spot got its name after a German gynecologist, Ernst Grafenberg who first described this zone in 1944. He defined it as a zone located along the anterior vagina wall’s suburethral surface and associated with erogenous feelings. 

For almost forty years, nobody paid that much attention to his findings until a group of researchers in 1981 published the results of a study based on a woman who experienced much deeper orgasms when this particular area was stimulated. Since then, the G-spot has garnered quite the attention both from males and females, and nowadays, more and more men opt for finding their own “zone” and experiment with P-spot stimulation or prostate play.

How to and Where to Start?

There are a lot of different tips and tricks when it comes to P-spot play on the internet, however, we advise that you really take your time with this one and don’t jump in head-first. 

That being said, wait with buying a P spot toy until you fully explored your body and already had a little experience.

To kick things off, lie on your stomach and make sure that the anus is properly lubricated before you penetrate it with your finger. It doesn’t lubricate itself when you’re aroused and if you go in without any lube, you can injure the delicate wall of your behind.

As we said, use lots of lube and take it slow. Start by massaging around the perineum with gentle circles getting closer and closer to your anus. Perform this motion until the sphincter muscles relax enough to push your index finger inside your behind.

Even now, you’ll want to take it slow as you will feel a gripping feeling in your anus, so hold your finger still for a couple of seconds until your body gets used to the new sensation. Once you feel that you’re ready to take the next step, push your index further in and try to find your prostate gland by pressing downwards. It should be somewhere an inch inside the anus and it should feel something like a flattened plum.

Once you’re here, feel free to experiment with different movements and techniques. Stroke, circle, jiggle, and even tap – the point here is to keep the body guessing as you stimulate because the nerve endings can become desensitized a bit if you are repeating the same motions.

When you feel that your prostate is engorged, it’s time to step on it a bit and deepen the pressure. Later on, when you have a bit more experience, this is the part when you throw a toy into the mix for further stimulation. As you add pressure, make sure to broaden your stroke to encircle the entire prostate. Keep doing what you’re doing as the orgasm builds up and don’t stop until it finally happens.

For most, it is truly a life-changing experience, changing the way they look at masturbating and self-play altogether. The sensation is truly out of this world, even though some men feel a bit wary about the how-to part of performing a prostate play.

Some are even worried about feces, but you shouldn’t be worried about that since it’s stored in higher areas of the rectum. 

The best you can do is to take a warm bath to relax your muscles as it will make the entire experience more pleasant and simple.

Once You Get the Hang of It

The thing with prostate play is that you need to take your time. Start out slow and work your way up. Use your fingers at first, then when you did your fair share of exploration and gained enough experience, it might be a great idea to kick things up a notch and introduce a handy toy to the choreography. It’s up to you to decide what to get as there are literally tons of different options ranging from beginner toys to more advanced ones.

Consider Others Too

Also, if you happen to have a partner who you also want to introduce to this exciting new world you’ve just discovered, the “take it slow” advice also applies here as well, even more so.

Since you don’t really feel what you’re doing, always ask for your partner’s feedback. By any means, stay away from speeding up and adding pressure too soon, no matter how tempting it may get. Too much stimulation can be detracting and even intimidating at first so make sure that you’re only going fast if he asks you to. Savor every moment of the pleasure, as this isn’t just your Thursday afternoon bathroom quickie.