Been jacking it with my roommate for the past 2 years and it’s been a wild time. We got into it before I found BuddyBate, just bros kicking back and watching porn, having a beer and jerking it. Never did anything like frotting or helping each other it’s all just DIY stuff but it’s been awesome.

I started thinking about exploring other stuff when I found BuddyBate. I never knew other guys were into it that much. I guess I kinda knew other guys jacked it with their buddies but swapping dicks was a new idea I didn’t expect to be interested in.

My buddy has a real good dick. We’re about the same length but his is thicker. I love watching him handling it and while we did compare dicks a couple times we never made contact. We just share the couch and watch a movie, then half an hour later after a lot of jacking we shoot off.

Seeing my buddy cum always gets me shooting it even if I wasn’t there yet.

I guess I got a Fleshlight hoping it might move things along and we might get into jacking each other. I’m still on the fence about touching another cock but the way I see it it’s probably gonna be more fun than jacking my own.

It hasn’t done that yet but it’s been fun. I didn’t know if he’d even be cool with sharing it but on the first time I brought it out we were swapping it. He made a joke about it being warm and wet after I used it for a few minutes but he said it was like being in a threesome so not a big deal.

The first time we both used it and swapped and then shot our loads off on a towel but the second time he said we should load it up. I made jokes about it being gross but my cock loved the idea and I was the first one to shoot inside it. I watched him stick his cock back inside and use my load to get off! He dared me to fuck it again with both our loads inside it so I did. It was so fucking hot feeling our spooge all over my cock.

That’s the craziest we’ve been.

We’ve being sharing it since. We keep it under the tub in the bathroom so we can both use it whenever we need to get a load out but we still share it every week whenever we have a jackin’ night. Sometimes we both fill it up like that but other times we just use it to get us to the edge and then fire off. Then we share the shower and clean up.

Still not jacking each other and he might never be into trying that but I’m enjoying our friendship and our jacking sessions are a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll find another local guy to try hand jobs with. I like the idea of a club but don’t think there are any in my area. Maybe one day I’ll start a Fleshlight club!? lol