Yes, this is another “top 5 ways” post millions of other bloggers out there write, but this is one you’re actually going to make use of.

I know from experience that for most men masturbation is a momentary thing. Too many men put on some porn, grab their dick and rub it for maybe five minutes before they’re done. It’s hardly an adventure, more like a chore or routine. Hopefully these tips will help you “level up” and experience more from your masturbation, and help you to become a master in the art of self pleasure.

Ultimately it comes down to being as in touch with your body as you can possibly be. These suggestions should help you to develop that.

Turn off the porn

Before you recoil in horror at the prospect of jacking off without any kind of entertainment, hear me out. While it’s true that men are more visually driven than women we have a lot of horny visuals inside our heads already. You probably have ten different fantasies rolling around in there and it would serve you well to nail them down and actually develop them. You are your own porn director, you can create everything from the location to the action to those involved and the fun you have. While your brain might not be wired to create these internal worlds easily all it takes is a little practice. Chances are you’ll experience an incredible climax simply because you’ve created your own entertainment to match your desires. Unless you’re a porn director you could never find something to perfectly suit you outside of your own head, so make the most of that ability and see what you create.

Get that dick slick

If you’ve been around here long enough you know I’ve promoted lube use for masturbation plenty of times. You might not realize it but there’s a geographical difference when it comes to lube use, mostly because of circumcision (and perhaps the perpetuation of it in popular culture). American guys might not know this, but us uncut Europeans, Aussies and Canadians generally don’t use lube to jack off, because our foreskins hold our natural lubricant in place and keep everything slick. While that’s a good thing, it also means a lot of uncut men don’t experience what lube can do. Using a good lube can really (and I mean REALLY) increase the pleasure, and when you combine it with edging it can lead to incredible climaxes. There are so many to choose from and each one can offer a new sensation, or help you discover a new way to handle your cock. You can achieve a much closer feel with the right lube and it can force you to take your time, and you’ll want to, because the pleasure is so good. A good lube can teach you a lot about what areas of your cock are the most sensitive, where you can just tickle for the right sensation, or how to pace yourself to make the pleasure last.

Slide your dick into something

Toys. You knew I had to mention them! Masturbators offer an opportunity to learn how to handle your cock in new ways. Different textures and materials can deliver different sensations to different areas and teach you new moves for new pleasures. Great masturbators can encourage you to slow down, the pleasure becoming too intense too quickly, but this only makes the experience more fun because you want to keep that pleasure going. Using masturbators can teach you to take your time and savor the strokes, while opening up a world of new sensations depending on the products you try. These days you can get great sleeve style masturbators for what you might spend on coffee in a week, and surely having a new thing to pump your cock inside is a better investment.

Mimic other men

Have you ever watched a video and noticed how a dude handles his cock – or another guy’s cock – differently? Some guys focus on the head or tug on their nuts, some men hump their hips and others use a distinct rhythm in their pumps – three stokes and a twist, or something similar. The next time you see a guy (on video or in life) handling his cock in a different way try it yourself and see what it does for you. You might discover they do it because it’s far more pleasurable than what you’ve been doing all your adult life.

Join in with buddies

Of course we had to end on this. One of the best ways to become a master masturbator is to be exposed to other men enjoying theirs and sharing that experience. It’s like sport; the more you encounter how others do it the more you’ll pick up and the more experience you’ll gain. Whether you’re swapping hands and helping each other out or just relaxing in the company of other like-minded masturbators while you handle your own, you’ll automatically learn new things and be encouraged to take your time and enjoy the experience more. It really doesn’t matter if you’re choosing one-on-one experiences or joining a club of many other eager masturbators, just having another cock there being handled is going to teach you new things. While you might learn even more if you’re swapping manhood and letting someone take over while you work on theirs, it’s always going to be beneficial to have that open enjoyment where you can share methods. Anyone experienced with shared masturbation with other men will tell you how much they’ve learned since they dared to try.

Hopefully one or more of these tips will help you to achieve more from your masturbation, but leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions you think deserve to be added, perhaps we’ll have a part two in the future.