It’s known that men are more open-minded when talking about self-pleasuring even though women enjoy these activities as much as any other human being. When it comes to why men masturbate together, it’s a complex question without a simple answer. The Hite Report on Male Sexuality took a survey with a little more than 7 thousand men and 43% of them answered that they masturbated at least once with another male.

It’s not that uncommon that group male masturbation takes place, especially in the younger teenage years. Even though these men identify as straight, they don’t have an issue pulling their junk out and masturbating in front of other men. Many who talked about a circle jerk club have said that it’s a common male bonding process happening in the early teen years and that it’s something that has helped them make connections with their “bate buddies” a lot stronger than before.

This phenomenon doesn’t just happen in the early teens specifically. It happens when men get older as well. If you’re wondering why guys masturbate together, we’ll go over a couple of the most common reasons in the next part of the article.

Straight Men Masturbation – Creating a Stronger Bond With Friends

Playful Male With a Hand in Pants

Joining a masturbation circle isn’t that uncommon, especially in this time of fluidity of gender identity and orientation. Studies show that group male masturbation includes mostly men who identify as gay, but there’s also a number of straight and bi men masturbating together. 

When men are in their teens, they talk more about the awkward things they prefer to keep to themselves when older. This includes male sexuality, what turns them on, and what feels good on their private parts. When they reach the age of 20, this isn’t the case anymore. Personal privacy becomes much more important and most men are already sexually active at this age.

In certain cases, there are still men who do “guy stuff” even after this age. This sometimes includes joining the circle jerk club which feels like a circle of trust for some guys. This kind of activity can occur amongst friends that have full confidence in one another and it can happen because one side needs descriptive instructions on how to improve stamina or performance during sexual encounters with their girlfriends or wives. This kind of activity amongst straight men creates a strong bond and mutual trust. Some think that a masturbation circle is for bi or gay men only, but it’s not always the case.

Is It Gay When Two or More Men Masturbate Together? 

Although most people would say that this type of activity is for gay or curious men, it’s not completely true. Studies have shown that the majority of the participants in a masturbation circle are homosexual, but there’s a percentage of completely straight men who masturbate together. 

The fact that they enjoy this type of activity doesn’t make them homosexual, especially if they have no intention of being sexually active with another person of the same gender. Around 10% of men who are a part of any circle jerk club are straight men who don’t have any type of same-sex curiosity. They’re solely attracted to the other sex and many of them are even married with kids! 

Homosexuality is mostly considered as an attraction to people of the same gender, but when you have a room full of guys minding their own business and not touching each other, it just can’t be considered homosexual. Here are a few reasons why.

A Lot of Men Masturbate Together for Fun

When the guys get together, it’s usually a lot of fun and a lot of things these men do are a lot of fun! From watching the game to having a beer or even going to a strip club together, it’s something men do together. It’s not uncommon for guys to watch porn together, and commonly, guys jerk off together as well.

The fact that guys masturbate together to porn isn’t something that should be considered strange. The fact that this happens doesn’t mean that they touch each other or even watch each other for that matter. The action can take place under the sheets or in a dark room where the other guy’s penis isn’t visible at all. The fact that the group does this activity together is all that matters, and those who did it at least once say that it’s a lot of fun!

Sometimes Dominance Is the Reason Behind Group Male Masturbation

Most commonly, this happens again at an early age when a group of young men usually in their teens masturbate together. It’s also called the masturbation circle and the guys who participate measure who has the biggest penis, who can ejaculate quicker, or who can ejaculate further.

The one who has the most attributes is usually the most dominant one in the group but this activity can also be used as a right of passage for new men entering the group circle. 

Guys Sometimes Masturbate Together to Explore Their Sexuality

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Most of the men who said that they participated at least once in a circle jerk club said that it happened while they were young. At this age, it’s completely normal for straight guys to be curious about their sexuality and subconsciously they want to explore if they are attracted to people they’re usually close to. 

It’s fun to try new things out but even when guys masturbate together it doesn’t mean that they are gay, bisexual, or even attracted to the other guy that’s jerking off right next to them. Some, on the other hand, have discovered that they are attracted to the same sex and that they get aroused just by looking at a man’s private parts.

Men Masturbating Together Isn’t Considered Taboo

If someone told you ten years ago that it’s perfectly normal for two or more straight guys to masturbate together, would you believe them? In a modern time, almost nothing is considered taboo anymore. People have found the courage to speak up and express their sexuality like never before. The evolution of the internet and modern technology has given us the possibility to talk and connect with like-minded people from all over the world.